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Muay Thai

At MC, we train students of all levels of fitness and experience from new beginners to seasoned competitors. In order to best serve our students, we separated the Muay Thai program into four classes.

  • Muay Thai Fundamentals
  • Women's Only Muay Thai
  • Clinch Fundamentals
  • Mixed Level

All comfortable training attire is permitted, but we do ask our students to refrain from wearing other local compete gym attire in our facilities. We have nothing but love for other gyms as we all share the same goal of spreading proper Muay Thai, but it is out of respect and a conflict of interest.

Muay Thai Fundamentals

In our fundamentals program you can expect an action packed 90 minute class that's designed to make you sweat and teach you the basics of Muay Thai. We emphasize on the smaller details of technique and habits to ensure you're being built properly. You can expect a high energy class, with everyone counting out loud, for the conditioning portion and ending with partnered pad work to apply techniques learned in class.

  • Beginner friendly
  • 90 minute classes
  • Burn up to 800 kcals per class
  • Gloves & handwraps (required)

Women's Only Muay Thai

Our Women's Only Muay Thai program will get you in shape, learn self-defense skills and build confidence. Our classes are open level, so you can have zero background in martial arts or be seasoned to still take away from our class. We offer technique and pad work in a partnered setting. Whether you’re hoping to improve your fitness level, learn to defend yourself or looking to compete, we have classes available for you.

  • Beginner friendly
  • 1 hour classes
  • Gloves & handwraps (required)

Clinch Fundamentals

This class will introduce the essentials in learning the basics of clinching, which is one of the defining aspects of Muay Thai. Class will begin with conditioning through pad work and/or heavy bag drills for the warm up and then cover one concept of clinching for the remaining portion of class. Topics to be covered are the stance, positioning, learning mechanics of how to manipulate the body, ability to turn and sweep, knees/elbows and timing techniques through partner drills. This is a 60-minute class and open to all levels from beginner to advanced. The Clinch Fundamentals program is essential in any student's regimen and should be taken in combination with our Muay Thai Fundamentals class. No freestyle clinch happens in this class, only during our competitive training sessions.

Things to bring and expectations of class:

  • Best hygiene practice - Wear deodorant and clean training attire
  • Cut and file your nails before participating
  • Please remove all jewelry before training
  • Entry level - Beginner friendly
  • Thai Shorts & training top
  • Towel
  • Boxing Gloves & handwraps (required)
  • Mouth piece (Optional)
  • Jock / groin protector (Optional)

Mixed Level

For all the Muay Thai geeks out there, this is your program to really break down and analyze technique(s)! Similar to a seminar style, lessons are planned around 1-2 moves for you to add to your arsenal. You can expect technical partner drilling and bag / padwork as the primary focus. Teachings are centered on theory and application of coaches topic(s) rather than the fundamentals.

The Mixed level program welcomes both novice and advanced students to focus on refining your technique & skill development.

6-8 months of Muay Thai experience required

  • 90 minute classes
  • Gloves & handwraps (required)
  • Shin guard (required)
  • Mouth piece / gum shield (optional)
MC Muay Thai Toronto Private Coaching

Private Coaching

THE best way to be pushed and make personalized gains! After consulting with one of our coaches we'll be sure to create a plan specific for your needs and ensure that you grow towards your goal(s)!

  • 1 hour 1:1 private lessons
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Customized plans
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MC Muay Thai Toronto Pad Class

Pad Class

Unique to MC, our premium Pad Class program is a private group class that guarantees students to work with an instructor! You'll be given personalized tips to excel and grow technically. There will be no need for you to worry about holding pads for another student, just pure striking with your coach.

  • 8 student limit
  • 1 hour classes
  • Gloves & handwraps (required)
  • Shin guard & mouth piece (optional)
MC Muay Thai Toronto Combat Strength

Fitness Program

Combat Strength

This fitness class is non-contact, using training methods to increase strength, speed, power, endurance and energy system conditioning, with the aim to compliment the participants ability for Muay Thai, fitness and cross-athletics.

  • All levels are welcome
  • 14 student limit
  • 1 hour classes

Mobility & Flexibility Class

This fitness class is designed to help you recover from your week of training and prepare your body for the week to come. Class will include a variety of mobility exercises, dynamic stretches, and static stretches to make you feel energized and rejuvenated.

  • All levels are welcome
  • 24 student limit
  • 1 hour classes
MC Muay Thai Toronto Teens Program

Teens Program

This program was designed to give direction and mentorship to our teens as they enter an uncertain part of their lives. At MC we believe it's a critical moment in their lives to mold them with the right habits to succeed in the world. We will use the traditional principles of Muay Thai boxing to challenge, instill work ethic and break all thresholds they have in order to bring the inner champion out of them! Aside from the physical training, we end every class with a 'critical thinking' portion for our teens to safely discuss what may be on their minds with the team and be given topics to break down as a group.

  • 1 hour classes
  • Uniform is required
  • Gloves & handwraps (required)
  • Shin guard & mouth piece (optional)
  • For ages 13 to 17 years old
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