Here is a list of some frequently asked questions. If yours is not answered here please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to get you the answer!

We highly recommend that you try our Muay Thai Fundamentals class for the best experience! No matter what skill or fitness level you're coming to us with, this program will get you started on the right track.

After creating your account please take advantage of our 1st Timer promotions found on our Memberships page. These welcome deals will be available to you for the first two weeks of creating your account. Try out all of our services and see which best fits you!

You can manage your account fully through your "My Schedule" page after signing into the website. There is a 12 hour cut off for classes, so please be sure to cancel before the cut off time otherwise it will result in a loss of your pass.

No late admittance allowed and will result in a loss of your pass.

Yes, we have equipment and training attire available on site. If it's your first time visiting MC, we recommend that you call in ahead of time to ensure we're stocked on the equipment that you may need. If for some reason we do not have your size in stock we can at least make recommendations of where else to buy from.

No, we do not have lockers for health and hygiene purposes. We ask that you only bring what is needed to the gym to avoid clutter.

Currently we do not. All visits made need to be by appointment, booked through your account on the site.

We truly appreciate all of our students loyalty and dedication to MC. The sale price of your membership will always be honoured every time it is auto renewed. You will lose your special price if you cancel your membership auto renewal on your "My Account" page.

Memberships can not be placed on hold and any unused passes will expire if the membership expires.

When purchasing a membership and/or pass with a new card, the system will automatically update your credit card information. Please speak to us in-person or email for support.

Passes can only be used to attend the classes they were intended for. Additional passes to attend other classes can be purchased on our Memberships page.

Passes can only be used by the original member who purchased them. Additional passes can be purchased on our Memberships page.