How We Got Started

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Going against what the world has given us, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I really wanted to pursue my dream of having my own Muay Thai boxing gym in Toronto. With times being so uncertain and many small businesses collapsing, it didn't make sense for me to start with an actual location.

As I was pondering what to do I thought cleaning out the garage was a great outlet during this time. I decided to convert the garage into a small studio for myself to train so I could stay productive with life on pause. Once it was completed I revisited the idea of how I could open up my dream business. I had just quit my previous job the week before COVID struck, it didn't seem like a sound move to get hitched with a lease and no one had any concrete information on whether this would end in a matter of weeks or months!

Where things changed for myself was when I started refining my thoughts, which brought me to my former fighter mindset of not getting comfortable. I had been personal training and teaching group classes for over a decade and naturally thought I'd do the same from my new garage studio! Zoning permits and bi-laws were quick to pummel that dream, putting me back to where I started. Mindlessly browsing social media I couldn't believe how many popular gyms went to virtual practice. Muay Thai was always so “hands on” that I couldn't envision practice being done in front of a monitor.

My personal approach to instructing Muay Thai was always a blend of physical and verbal cues in order to get my ideals off properly to students of either learning preference. Something clicked in my mind and I realized that I could do this. I could design programs made for students of any level or background to practice and improve on at home without training partners! In terms of fighting there'd be limitations, as you would be neglecting major components of practice, but it's not all negative. Technique and form are the primary focus at this academy which is what the practice will be heavily centered around, alongside conditioning. At any skill level the following statement is true, “You can NEVER do enough basics,” which most athlete's don't have time for during their fight camps—Foundation is everything. Training with me will allow you to hone in on learning proper Muay Thai foundation or improving your overall game until life returns and we have a physical gym to practice in.

Please join me on my journey to introduce traditional Muay Thai to more people. It will better you in multiple aspects ranging from body, mind and spirit. I'm looking forward to your support and to meeting you all!

Khop Khun Khrup,

Kru MC